Founding Pastor

Eric Ricard

Be very careful, therefore, to love the Lord your God.” (Joshua 23:11)
In Juin 2004, I met the God of grace and mercy as I read through Psalm 51, alone in a small room. In that very moment my heart was changed and my life transformed. New desires were born in me and particularly a burning passion for the glory of God and a passion for multiplying disciples in the image of Jesus Christ the Lord. My life is a testimony to the power of the living Word of God to regenerate the heart of man and of the passion that this new heart possesses for the glory of God. Today more than ever I am convinced of my inadequacy to do anything valuable without Christ and that humility is God’s only way to walk faithfully with Him. That’s why I seek to abide in Him in order for me to decrease and for Him to increase and receive all the glory.

Eric and his wife Marie-Michèle are married for more than fourteen years and have four kids – Ezekiel, Enock, Nora and Maddox.

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Eric Ricard

Yanick Ethier

Luc Panneton

Michel Vincent

Luigi Pugliese

Joel Neves

Basil Agba

Miguel Richard

Francis Laberge

Pasteur en formation

Jonathan Bédard

Pasteur en formation

Yoé Zavaleta

Pasteur en formation


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